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of the Museums

Our Association

The Museum of Art and History houses important collections that have become steadily harder to preserve because of an inadequate budget.

Thanks to your support, and with your donations, the Friends of the Museums can contribute to the restoration of certain artworks, the acquisition of new objects and even the renovation of various (exhibition) rooms.

By joining the Friends’ Scheme, you will receive our program of cultural events three times a year. This include tours given in the Museum as well as visits to other exhibitions taking place in Belgium.

In addition to these tours and visits, we organise 3 trips (Thursdays) in a Belgian city, alternating between Flanders and Wallonia. Those days are meant to allow you to discover the richness of our national cultural heritage from churches, belfries, castles, gardens, monasteries and local museums to other unsuspected landmarks.

For each outing, we are careful to secure excellent friendly tour guides capable of sharing their knowledge with infectious passion.

In order to participate in our cultural events as a Friend, please follow the link below.

Our Team



The Board of Directors


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In 1908, Belgium was a flourishing industrial  nation. This industrial wealth, coupled with the Belgians’ belief in the importance of supporting the Arts, led to the creation of the Society of the Royal Museums of the State, an association of which Prince Albert, the future King Albert the 1st, is the Honorary President. This association aims to convene the greatest patrons and art enthusiasts of the country.

Unfortunately, this ambitious initiative is brutally halted by World War I.

In 1974, Pierre Solvay, a generous patron and collector, breathes new life into the project and creates a new association: The Friends of the Royal Museums of Art and History. Pierre Solvay becomes its first president and remains in his seat for many years. He was surrounded by men and women from Flanders and Wallonia who shared the common goal of growing and protecting the Museum’s Collection by collaborating closely with the curators.  The presidency  is now held by Countess Boël.