Cultural activities of the Friends

1st quarter 2023

  • New Year cocktail

    Saturday January 14, 2023

    The master and virtuoso Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden will give us a concert at the MIM. Winner at 16 years old of the 1964 Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, this distinction marks the start of a brilliant career that takes him to the most renowned festivals. Sensitive, attentive and listening to others, his chamber music concerts are a delight for the ear. This concert will be followed by a champagne reception.

  • Frison Foundation

    Thursday 19 & Saturday 21 January, 2023

    The Frison Horta Foundation is located in the middle of Lebeau Street and is the only Horta house in the historic center of Brussels. It is a living museum that is inhabited and restored by its Indian owner who will give us the tour. The Frison House is the only Victor Horta house that was built for the dual function of a law office and living space for Maurice Frison (lawyer of the Court of Leopold II). The Frison Foundation has continued Horta’s dual function with the activities of the Foundation museum and living space, making it a unique and exceptional work by Victor Horta !

  • The masterpieces of the “Maison du Roi” (The King’s House)

    Thursday January 26 & Saturday February 4, 2023

    The “Maison du Roi” (The King’s House) contains some masterpieces, reflecting the great economic and commercial prosperity of Brussels. Since the end of the Middle Ages, the city has shone throughout Europe thanks to the talents of its artists, artisans, and traders. The visit will allow you to discover the great Brabant know-how in the art of altarpieces, tapestries, painting, and sculpture. This is evidenced by the magnificent works on display, such as the altarpiece of Saluces, a painting by Jan Brueghel the Elder, …

  • The BRAFA

    Tuesday January 31, 2023

    Created in 1956, the Brussels Art Fair is one of the oldest and most prestigious art fairs in the world. It is renowned for the high-quality artworks on display, ranging from antiques to modern and contemporary art, as well as fine arts and design. An ambassador of the art world will present you with their personal favorites. A catalog and a glass of champagne will be offered to you at the end of the visit.

  • The place of food and wine in the collections of RMAH

    Thursday 9 & Saturday 11 February, 2023

    The permanent collections of the RMAH are full of historical and archaeological riches that allow us to understand the wine-making, food, and gastronomic traditions in Western Europe. Ceramics, glassware, tapestries, goldsmithing, as well as amphorae and cups, … make it possible to trace table rites, methods of preparation and consumption, and the issues and myths that make food so societal. We will revisit the permanent collections from this new perspective: Greek and Roman antiquity, national archaeology, Gallo-Roman, Merovingian, medieval and Baroque periods.

  • Kidorama

    Thursday 23 & Saturday 25 February, 2023

    Through a thematic and chronological journey, this exhibition looks at current fashion in light of children’s clothing worn since 1820. With its collections and thanks to several loans, the museum questions, among other things, the construction of gender, the development of fashion, the mimicking of adult fashion, but also the growing interest of the luxury industry in kids.

  • The Palace of Justice

    Thursday March 9, 2023

    A must-see in the Brussels landscape, a flagship monument of eclecticism designed by Joseph Poelaert, the Palace of Justice (1866-1883) stands as an imaginary ancient city of around 80,000 square meters. As we explore the long corridors, stairs, and galleries, we will discover courtrooms and works of renowned artists.

  • Trip : Antwerp

    Thursday March 30, 2023

    We will start by visiting the new KMSKA (Museum of Fine Arts), which represents two worlds in one. You will find historical grandeur combined with a powerful contemporary volume. We invite you on a journey through time. Walk along seven centuries of art. From Flemish masters such as Van Eyck, Rubens, and Magritte to world-class artists such as Fouquet, Titian, Alechinsky, Modigliani, and Rodin. Then, after lunch, we will go to the Mayer van den Berghe Museum, which immerses you in the intimate atmosphere of a private home. You will discover a wonderful collection as well as the man who gathered it alone. And don’t miss the famous “Dulle Griet” by Pieter Breughel.